Innards, the crab lies dismembered and eviscerated in a plate.




No mortal means can undo the curse on our generation.
If a god laughs, we cry.

Only a simple man could believe in afterlife after having looked the despair in the eyes. Only a simple man could believe in afterlife. Only a simple man.

There's stil uncertainty as to whether we become what we wan.
You only see what you want to see.
You only hear what you want to hear.
Some things scare you more than other, you fear the endless disgust of open innards.


It's the beginning of a new age, peel off the old skin, wear this instead.
Bear the flesh of the renewal and light the endless fire that will devour us all.

I've been watching you from afar, unable to repress the need for you to distinguish me among the living, before the final choice will decide of the dead.
Now I see the heads roll down and the guts being spread on the ground.

It's not a question of will whether we can see our flaws.
But few people can face they disgusting side and accept.
It's not a question of will, rather of responsibility.
Everyone needs to keep their inner balance, but no one can do it in their stead.


Everything crumbles as soon as a dissident sound can be heard.
People staring at the sky in fear of a divine wrath (x3).


"Le vortex de déchets du Pacifique nord est une zone du gyre subtropical du Pacifique nord, aussi connue sous le nom de gyre de déchets, soupe plastique, septième ou huitième continent ou grande zone d'ordures du Pacifique (GPGP). Pour les océans, le terme continent de plastique est rencontré. Une zone similaire a été découverte dans le nord de l'océan Atlantique.

L'océanographe et skipper américain Charles J. Moore a découvert en 1997 cette grande zone d'ordures du Pacifique également nommée vortex d'ordures. Étant donné que la mer de déchets est translucide et se situe juste sous la surface de l'eau, elle n'est pas détectable sur les photographies prises par des satellites. Elle est seulement visible du pont des bateaux.

La masse de plastiques conc[...]"


from Crab Deconstruction, released August 24, 2016



all rights reserved


Raoul Tchoï France

Musician and producer from Paris, France.

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