Oceanic Gore

from by Raoul Tchoï



The representation of the astrological sign of cancer is a crab.
And cancer is one of those silent dark things that haunt once they are noticed.

Like that ocean becoming red, the worst of thoughts emerge : never give in.


You never stood a chance against the disease in your rotten bones.
Waves keep crashing against the rocks despite you jumping from the top of the cliff.
It hurts so much, the feeling of pity amidst the obscurity.

Break the chains by breaking your skull.
The call for an afterlife resounds so perfectly to the ears of an ignorant because living through hell makes you more of a man.

Looking for something, alone and bleeding.

I feel the air pushing me, stopping me from my fall. I let go of regrets and pain.
Monstrous thoughts and lies resurface as I stand on top of the cliff from where I fell.
The ocean's turning red as the guts from that wretched man are consumed by the waves.

Bruiiiiiii, bleargh

Disgusting sights impose respects because they call on dark and violent inner selves society has forcibly repressed.
A call to the true humans of the earth.
Oceanic gore make them realize.

Wanna give up your dreams in order to be always by her side.
The blue shades of the ocean fade to red from the blood of the loved one, the bite of a cancer doesn't leave a mark [but] don't let it take your soul.

You can hold on to my hand, I'll smile through your pain.
The things we couldn't say our mouthes spit away, in the fear we run out of time.


from Crab Deconstruction, released August 24, 2016



all rights reserved


Raoul Tchoï France

Musician and producer from Paris, France.

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