When trying to eat the crab's pincers, the most important thing is to hit it repeatedly with a hard and, if possible, heavy kitchen tool. Beware though, for may you hit in a slightly off-angle, the juices would cover your clothes and leave a rather unpleasant smell.


Duba, duba, duba, duba
Champ lexical de la pince
You only get one shot to break the pincer, pow let the juice flow
[But] Don't leave the stain, 'cause it stinks like hell
Break, break, break, break
Break the shell !

Feel the flesh being torn apart, jubilance in destruction

Drifting with the current, his shitty brain can't understand why water's moving, beware ! Shark incoming !

He picks up his shell and pincers to fend off the enemy, wow so brave !
Fierce is the battle but he wins, fishes flock together in celebration.

I can sense it move sideways, breaking the rules of a logical gait.

Each step is a trial and error, living as a shellfish you know that ocean's full of traps. The latest one is that fisherman, his name is Peter le pêcheur.

Beauty in disgust grruurrgllrrrguull
There's a way to taste a fellow crab, just stay nearby a human plate.
You fucking pigs don't know how to eat properly.
There's no need to spill blood everywhere, take a towel clean your face.

I hear the sound of remorse coming from that man.
He's attempt to break the pincer was a failure, now he's covered in blood and guts.

La plage, la plage

I the crab, am the mighty king of the underworld.
Now bow down before me or I'll just call security.
Crabe, crabe, crabe, crabe...


from Crab Deconstruction, released August 24, 2016



all rights reserved


Raoul Tchoï France

Musician and producer from Paris, France.

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