Sideways Walk

from by Raoul Tchoï



Crabs walks in a strange way, sideways.
I am sure you know some people - you? - who don't have a usual "conventional" personalities : that is not a defect.

Walk sideways, proud, like that crab.


It's strange for some people, so obviously, they judge what they see.
I walk a different way, and that doesn't stop me from being someone who cares or someones who loves, breaking the boundaries, looking for something more in my life, I suppose it's all in vain.

That's what she said.
I don't want someone new, beside me and my misery.
I don't care for someone new.
I need someone to fix me.
Step by step, walking sideways I was born to strive.

I never thought it'd become like this, I'm a pariah, a pariah.
Each day is spent carrying the burden of my difference.
But indifference is what I fear the most.
Their indifference is what I hate the most.

This game is one of a loss is a loss forever.
Please always think before you change, because the pieces still remain the same.
You just put them in a new shape and hope for the magic to do the secrets things that you can't do by yourself.

Always keep in mind to think about yourself first, don't ever try to change the world, you'll only end up hurting yourself.
Here's to the pain.
I'm stuck staring at my crooked legs, why not leave them the way they are?
I don't care about the looks of the others.
Here's to the heartbreaks.


from Crab Deconstruction, released August 24, 2016



all rights reserved


Raoul Tchoï France

Musician and producer from Paris, France.

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